Listen to these chapters and continue answering questions, getting ready for the essay.

Chapter 11

  1. Why has Janie decided not to be nice to Tea Cake anymore?
  2. Why isn’t Janie mean to Tea Cake when he comes back? 101
  3. Why does Janie like going fishing in the middle of the night? 102
  4. Why doesn’t Hezekiah want Janie walking home with Tea Cake? 103
  5. So far, what has Tea Cake asked Janie for? 103
  6. What do you think he wants from Janie? 103
  7. How does Janie blow off Tea Cake? 104
  8. Think about the way Janie thinks about Tea Cake compared to the way Janie thinks about Joe. How has Janie changed? 105
  9. Why does Janie say she and Tea Cake should not date? 105
  10. What does Tea Cake think about this?
  11. What does Tea Cake represent to Janie that she had wanted so many years before? 106
  12. How many days is Tea Cake gone after the first time he and Janie get together? 108
  13. How does Tea Cake say he feels about Janie? 109


Chapter 12

  1. How does the town react to Janie being with Tea Cake? 110
  2. What kind of activities do Janie and Tea Cake do together? 110
  3. Why does Sam think Tea Cake is dating Janie? 111
  4. Why do the townspeople think Tea Cake is spending money on Janie? 111
  5. How does Janie feel about going places with Tea Cake? 112
  6. Why does Janie say she never went around before?
  7. Why does Janie admit she wore the mourning clothes (black and white)? 113
  8. What does Janie tell Pheoby she and Tea Cake are going to do?
  9. Why had Janie said that she and Tea Cake need to leave town? 114
  10. Do you think Janie is foolish to trust Tea Cake? Explain?