Read Ch. 13 & Discuss Essay


Listen to these chapters and continue answering questions, getting ready for the essay.

Chapter 13

  1. How do we know Janie doesn’t entirely trust Tea Cake? 117
  2. What is missing? 118
  3. What happened to Mrs. Tyler? 119
  4. What does Tea Cake say he did with the money? 122
  5. How much money does he have left? 124
  6. Do you believe his story? Why?
  7. Why does Tea Cake say he did not invite Janie ? 124
  8. How does Tea Cake say he will pay Janie back? 125
  9. What happened to Tea Cake? 126
  10. What does Tea Cake decide about money? 128
  11. Do you think Tea Cake’s decision is a good one? How do you think it will effect his relationship with Janie?


Chapter 14

  1. How does Janie describe to Everglades? 129
  2. What will Tea Cake do for work in the Glades? 130
  3. What does Tea Cake want to teach Janie now? 131
  4. How well did Janie learn to shoot? 131
  5. What kind of people are coming in the pick the beans? 131
  6. What do the people do with their money? 132
  7. Why does Janie think Tea Cake is coming home during the day? 133
  8. Why does Tea Cake say he comes home? 133
  9. What is Tea Cake’s solution to the problem? 133
  10. What is Janie’s reaction to Tea Cake’s proposal? 133
  11. What did the people think about Janie originally? 133
  12. Why did they change their mind about her?
  13. How is Janie’s life similar to when she was in Eatonville?134
  14. How is Janie’s life different?


Chapter 15

  1. Why is Janie jealous? 137
  2. What does Tea Cake do to stop Nunkie? 137
  3. What does Janie finally do to stop Nunkie?