Elementary 18 updates

  • Mar. 8, 2018

    Posted by Communications on 3/8/2018

    Bids were received on March 6 at 2 p.m. at the Community Resource Center.  On March 20, the board will be asked to award the bid to Tiger Construction, Ltd. for the amount of $33,504,000, which includes the base bid and two alternates. Alternate one includes a new overflow parking lot and alternate two includes a four classroom addition.

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  • Feb. 12, 2018

    Posted by Communications on 2/12/2018

    The Snohomish County hearing examiner held a hearing for elementary no. 18 Conditional Use Permit on Jan. 3, 2018. The permit was issued in late January. 

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  • Feb. 9, 2018

    Posted by Communications on 2/9/2018 3:00:00 PM

    At its Jan 23, 2018, meeting the school board authorized staff to solicit bids from contractors for building Elementary No. 18. 

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  • Jan. 9, 2018

    Posted by Communications on 1/9/2018

    On Jan. 23, 2018, during its regular board meeting, staff will ask the board to approve soliciting bids for new elementary school #18. The yet-to-be-named school will be the learning home for 550 students.


    The school includes 78,000 square feet and 26 classrooms, in two stories on the north side of 180th St. SE, east of Sunset Road.  The project includes a private road through the site connecting 180th St. SE and 174th St. SE . Frontage improvements are also included in the project.


    Construction costs are estimated at $34,039,000, made possible by voter approval of the 2016 Capital Bond.


    The bid packet will include alternate bids for four additional classrooms and an overflow parking lot.

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  • Dec. 15, 2017

    Posted by Communications on 12/15/2017

    Dykeman architects and consultants are finalizing the 100% drawings and bid documents for the district to review before the end of the month. 


    Staff will ask the school board to approve solicitation for bids at the regular January 23, 2018 board meeting. 


    On Dec. 10, the county published a notice of open record hearing, concurrency and traffic impact fee determinations regarding the Conditional Use Permit. The hearing is scheduled for Jan. 3, 2018. 


    The constructability review was received on Dec. 1, 2018, and the architect and consultants are reviewing all comments.  December is dedicated to finalizing all drawings and specifications for final review and cost estimates.





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  • Nov. 8, 2017

    Posted by Communications on 11/8/2017

    The construction market in the Puget Sound region is extremely busy and is likely to remain so for at least the next two years. About 20 major school construction projects are likely to go out to bid between Olympia and Everett in spring and summer of 2018, including the district's Elementary 18. 


    Construction cranes are considered a good indicator of a local construction market, and last summer Seattle had 58 construction cranes in the sky. This is more than any other city in the country. Seattle had more cranes in use than New York and San Francisco combined, or twice as many as Chicago, Washington, D.C., or Portland.


    Recently, based on these market conditions, the Robinson Company (a cost estimating consultant) strongly advised the district to immediately add a one-time 18% increase in construction costs bto all construction projects in our region. As a result, the expected cost for this project is more than the original budget. The additional funding necessary for this work will come from anticipated State Construction Assistance Funds.

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  • Oct. 9, 2017

    Posted by Communications on 10/9/2017

    Progress on Elementary No. 18 is on track: 

    • The State Environmental Policy Act (SEPA) process is nearly complete.
    • The proposed threshold Mitigated Determination of Non-Significance (MDNS) was published Sept. 29, 2017. 
    • The architect is nearly finished with design drawings to be reviewed by the district after Nov. 1.  

     The overall design will be finalized when the project goes to bid. Crews will break ground this spring. 

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  • Sept. 11, 2017

    Posted by Communications on 9/11/2017

    The district received first comments from the county Aug. 14. These included questions about the private road.  Those questions were addressed in time for the next major milestone, which is the Sept. 1 application submittal to the county for Building and LDA (Land Disturbing Activity) permits for elementary No. 18. 


    The schedule reflects receiving the LDA permit by mid-January 2018 and the Building permit by mid-March 2018.  The district is finalizing the response  to the county and is working on final construction drawings.  

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  • Aug. 10, 2017

    Posted by Communications on 8/10/2017

    Twenty two neighbors signed in as attendees of the July 18 open house. District team members, the architect, Dykeman Architects, and consultants shared design schematics and answered questions.  


    Design Development is complete.  The Design Development cost estimate included a ‘market adjustment’ for the busy construction market. Even with cost containment efforts, the project variance over budget has grown, rather than lessened.  Staff have reviewed the Value Analysis report and other possibilities for reducing costs or scope of the project. 

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  • July 18, 2017

    Posted by Communications on 7/12/2017

    Learn more about the new elementary school during an open house July 18, 6 to 8 p.m., at Cedar Wood Elementary School. This an opportunity for friends and neighbors to learn more about the conceptual site design and ask questions of the project team and district staff.


    The new elementary school will be on 180th Street SW in Bothell and is scheduled to open in fall 2019. If you haven't yet, check out the educational specifications and schematic design for the new school at www.everettsd.org/Page/23648


    Learn more about the projects the 2016 bond and levy are funding at www.everettsd.org/capitalprojects

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