Woodside Elementary School updates

  • Jan. 3, 2018

    Posted by Communications on 1/3/2018

    In November, the district began the Educational Specifications process. 


    Principal Betty Cobbs explained what the "Ed Spec" process is in her December 2017 school newsletter:  


    "Woodside’s Ed Specs process is underway. If you ever built a new home or bought one – or if you chose a rental to live in, you did a bit “specifications” work. You knew how many would be living in the place you considered; you knew if you had need of a garage, wanted to cook a lot or just needed a tiny kitchen. You “specified” how many bedrooms you wanted, whether you preferred a yard or lots of windows. And then, of course, you combined those “specifications” with budget, timeline and location to make a final decision.


    Educational Specifications for schools is similar but more complex. We are looking at educational programs we provide at Woodside and what we might provide in the future. We are thinking about the needs for special programs like music, special education – even how best to build a school enriched with lots of educational technology. (As you all know, such a possibility wasn’t on the horizon when Woodside was built originally in 1981 – nearly 40 years ago.)


    The architect uses the Ed Specs we develop to design the school. We should begin seeing some of those potential designs when the Ed Specs work is done in early 2018. I am really looking forward to those design concepts. When we have something on paper, it will help all of us visualize the future possibilities here, and it will help make this dream project a reality.


    Fall of 2020 may seem far away. But in reality, it is less than three years. Some of today’s Woodside students will be enjoying and learning within a modernized Woodside that voters made possible when they said “yes,” in early 2016.


    Thinking about that past bond and the possibilities it makes possible here at Woodside and across the district makes me smile. It is just one among many other reasons I have to celebrate the season and the joys of my work with you and your children.


    Happy holidays and best wishes for the upcoming years!"



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  • May 18, 2017

    Posted by Communications on 5/18/2017

    Design work will begin in spring 2018. The architect for the project is Studio Meng Strazzara.


    Woodside construction work is scheduled during the 2019-20 school year, after Elementary 18 is finished.


    The district hired a geotechnical engineering firm which has completed tests at Woodside.

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