• Ms. Qualey in a blue sweater

    I graduated with my Teaching Certification from Western Washington University in 2000.  In 2009, I received my Master's in Literacy and English Language Acquisition from the University of Washington. 
    Monroe Elementary has been my teaching home since the beginning.  I started out as a 5th grade teacher and enjoyed helping students transition from Elementary to becoming Middle School Students.  After 11 years, I moved to 2nd grade.  This is  where I learned primary teachers need to wear running shoes to keep up with all the new information that students are able to absorb and hunger for. 
    In 2015, I was offered the opportunity to work with students in a more global way.  As the Librarian, I dreamed of creating a space for students to have fun, hands on experiences.  Each year I look forward to providing exciting lessons designed to teach students use of research tools, internet safety, basic programming skills, creating STEM projects using Maker Space, performing Readers Theater, and much more. Our library is a dynamic place that offers multiple learning experiences in order to reach our diverse learning population.
    Oh!  And we also have books!  Lots and lots of books!  Most often when a student comes looking for a particular book, we have it as part of our collection.  But when we don't, I love students to share books they would like to see in our library.  This allows me to expand our selection with titles and series that our students are excited to check out and read.
    If you are interested in working in our library as a volunteer, I would love to hear from you!