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It’s not too late to get financial aid for college or training

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It’s not too late to get financial aid for college or training.

You may have heard that the FAFSA application is different this year. Despite initial delays, financial aid is still available and there are many great reasons to apply:

  • The FAFSA form is shorter and easier to complete than ever before. Review these demonstration videos (in English and Spanish) that walk through the application process for students and families.
  • Half of families in Washington qualify for financial aid through WA Grant. For many people, tuition could even be free! Learn more at org.
  • WA Grant can help pay for college, career training, certificate programs, or approved apprenticeships. Washington offers many affordable options for education or training beyond high school.
  • It’s never too late to apply for financial aid! State and federal aid is available year-round. Some colleges have specific deadlines, but others offer open admission.

Graduation is here, and you are ready for your next adventure. Financial aid can help you get there. Learn more and get help applying at