Get ready for the next sports season now!


Please complete all paperwork as soon as possible.


You must have a physical on file to participate in a sport,

and have all online paperwork filled out online:

Rank one sport 


Sports Start dates:

Fall: Cross Country, Football, Softball-September 9th

Winter I: Boys Basketball, Girls Volleyball, Boys Soccer, Girls Soccer-October 30th

Winter II: Girls Basketball-January 13th

Wrestling-February 19th

Spring: Track and Field-April 13th

**6th graders may particpate in Cross Country, Wrestling, and Track and Field, but do not compete.

 Parents must arrange transportation for students after practices, the school does not provide transportation.



Catch a game!  Are you looking for the Eisenhower sports schedules? 

You can find them all here: Eisenhower Sports schedules