New cell phone policy



The use of cell phones in the classroom can distract students from instruction, yet can be important to have accessible in case of emergency. With this in mind, the district has adopted a new policy 3246 and procedure 3246P which prohibits cell phone use in the classroom while still providing access for students in case of emergency. 


Elementary school students who choose to bring cell phones to school may only use them before or after the school day. During the school day, they must be powered off and stored (e.g., in the student’s backpack, locker, other district provided storage). This policy includes cell phones and cellular connected watches (for example Gizmo watches). There will be storage in the classroom so, in the event of an emergency, the cell phones will be accessible without leaving the classroom.


Students are responsible for the PEDs they bring to school. Everett Public Schools shall not be responsible for loss, theft, damage or destruction of devices brought onto school property or to school-sponsored activities or events off school property.