Attendance Procedure

Attending school each day is the first step in a student's success in school. Recognizing the

importance of school attendance, the state legislature revised our state law, RCW 28A.225,

on compulsory school attendance.  Beginning March 27, 2017, the revised attendance procedures

were implemented in all schools to have consistent attendance practices across the state.


Here are answers to some frequently asked questions about the changes in the Attendance Procedures:


How does this change what I usually do to report my student's absences?

  1. The easiest way for you to report your student's absence is to send an email to

  and to the teacher from the email account you

           have on file with us and include all of the required information.

      2.  If you call our 24-hour attendance line at (425) 385-7305 and leave a voice message,

           you MUST also do ONE of the following:

  1. Send in a hand-written note with all of the required information on it to verify the absence OR
  2. Send an email to and to the teacher from the email account you have on file with us and include all of the required information.


What is "all of the required information" I must send in writing?

  • Student Name
  • Student ID #
  • Teacher Name
  • Date(s) of the Absence
  • Reason for the Absence
  • Parent/guardian name
  • Parent/guardian signature
  • Phone number where the note can be verified


So, even though I call in an absence, I still have to send in a written note?

Yes, you must send the required information in writing.


~Thank you for your cooperation.