Whittier's Student Assistance Team


S.A.T. Mission Statement
The mission of the Whittier S.A.T. (Student Assistance Team) is
to work collaboratively as a team to support members
of our Professional Learning Community and develop interventions to meet
the academic, social, and behavioral needs of all students.

SAT Referral Form


Whittier's S.A.T. is a group of staff members who meet each week to address the needs of our students. This process begins when a teacher refers a student to S.A.T. for discussion. Once the identified student is placed on an S.A.T. meeting agenda, the team meets and discusses various factors that may be causing learning difficulties at school, and interventions that may be used to help the student. Parents of children placed on an S.A.T. meeting agenda occasionally participate in meetings.

If your child is experiencing social, behavioral, or academic difficulty in school, we urge you to talk to your child's teacher to see if he or she might be brought before S.A.T. to identify ways to help ensure success in school.


Whittier's SAT members include:
Linda McKinnon, Counselor
Bob Lee, Reading Specialist
Robin Arnold, School Psychologist
Tony Wentworth, Principal


If you have questions about Whittier's S.A.T., please contact an S.A.T. member or the main office.