• Whittier Holiday Concert December 13 at 6:30 p.m.


    All students and families are invited to the Whittier Elementary School Holiday Concert!  It will take place on Tuesday, December 13 at 6:30 p.m. at the Everett High School Civic Auditorium at 2416 Colby Avenue.  This event is one of the highlights of the year to watch our students shine!


     Concert 1       




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  • Whittier Students Excel on 2016 State Assessments


    Whittier students outperform the state and district! The chart below highlights the outstanding performance of Whittier’s students as we outperformed the state and district averages on every assessment. The data highlights the great work that our teachers are doing every day to prepare students to be successful life-long learners and it also highlights the outstanding effort, focus, and perseverance that our students demonstrated in taking these new rigorous state assessments.


    Whittier's 2016 SBA and MSP State Assessment Results
      3rd ELA 3rd Math 4th ELA 4th Math 5th ELA 5th Math 5th Sci.
    Whittier 2016 78.30% 70.20% 71.20% 63.70% 78.20% 71.00% 81.10%
    Whittier 2015 75.00% 68.10% 67.80% 67.70% 74.00% 58.40% 70.10%
    District Average 2016 61.00% 64.00% 67.00% 65.00% 72.00% 57.00% 76.00%
    State Average 2016 55.00% 57.00% 58.00% 55.00% 61.00% 48.00% 66.00%




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  • Creating Deeper Learning Opportunities at Whittier: Empowering our Students, to Lead, Create, and Innovate

    Whittier is passionate about creating deeper learning opportunities to empower students to lead, create, and innovate.  Our staff is very intentional about providing students with engaging learning experiences every day in which students collaboratively problem solve, use critical thinking skills, and apply their knowledge to solve complex problems in all subject areas.  We are also helping students develop the characteristics of perseverance and grit so that they develop the capacity to work through difficult situations and never give up.  These are attributes that will help all students succeed at Whittier and in life.

    Innovation 1      Innovation




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