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  • Innovation Expo
    Join us 
    June 6 from 5 - 8 p.m.
    for the Innovation Expo
    at Xfinity Arena
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    Jefferson Culture Night    May 26 -  6:00-8:00


    What are Culture Nights? Culture Nights are family evenings for everyone!  It is a time to share your history, origin and culture with others and in return learn about someone else. 

    It is about teaching our children who we are.  It is about building bridges with our neighbors. Hope you can join us!



    Pick-Up Lane Update


    A huge THANK YOU for those using your child’s “name tags” in the pick-up line. It is making a big difference in getting you out as quickly and safely as possible. If you need a new tag, please let me know and I will put in your student’s teacher’s box. You can make your own as well; please use the color coded for your child’s grade if possible. First name and grade is all you need.


    We are, however, seeing a decrease in the use of the name tags and want to remind you that we have over 200 students in line every day with several different staff members helping get your child to your vehicle. Please keep the name tags in your vehicle and use daily so we can expedite the line quickly and safely.


    Put name tag on your passenger’s side visor with a rubber band or a clip and assure it is under any tint so we can see it. Flip down your visor once in lot so the name is visible to our staff.


    A few reminders to help us out:


    1.) Stay in your vehicle at all times in the pick-up lane. This is a no parking lane and it slows the process down when vehicles are left, even for a minute.


    2.) Please park if you do not want to use the pick-up lane. The mailbox area is NOT a safe place to drop off/pick up your student. The same goes for parking behind other vehicles and sending your child out into the parking lot alone. We have had a couple of close calls with students running right in front of cars, and our number one priority is keeping our students safe. Please come early and park, or use the Eastmont Park & Ride and walk the very short distance to safely pick up your child. We ask that you help lead by example and think of every child as your own.


    3.) If you need to assist your child with car seat, please pull forward to the sign as to not block cars trying to pull up to the loading area. Practicing putting on the car seat at home helps children feel independent at school when they can do it themselves. 


    These helpful tips will help keep your child safe and get you home faster.


    Thank you for your support and patience.



    Suzanne Gil

    Jefferson Para and the Safety Patrol Committee



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Jefferson At Jefferson Elementary School we achieve to high standards by providing a meaningful and relevant education, preparing each of our students to be healthy, well-rounded lifelong learners and responsible citizens in a changing society.