Legal Notices

  • As a public  agency*, Everett Public Schools abides by all state and federal notification requirements. Those notifications appear in links below and within the online library of Policies and Procedures.

    Students and families may be most interested in the Student Rights and Responsibilities Handbook which is given to each student each year. 

    Specialized Programs and Services

    Legal Notifications and Student and Parent Rights

    Medical Information

    Public Records Requests

    Everett Public Schools is a public school/educational institution/governmental entity. As such, we offer the following tax-status assurance in conjunction with pending grants being considered for our district.   

    Everett Public Schools is a qualified recipient under section 170 of the Internal Revenue Code for pending grants or contributions which may be received. Contributions/donations/grants accepted by the Everett Public Schools will be used in accordance with the laws governing school districts and the use of public funds in the State of Washington. Accordingly, grants awarded to the school district may be tax deductible by the grantor or contributor as allowed by law.