Research and Grants

  • Research

    Hand writing research grants The board recognizes the importance of research as a means of improving the instructional program for the district's students and also recognizes the need to monitor and control the amount of time and resources expended by both staff and students on research projects. Agencies or individuals desiring to conduct research involving students, student records, student data or staff members must submit a written proposal to the curriculum and assessment department for review and approval prior to initiation of the study. All research proposals must demonstrate that the projected findings will have value to either the district as a whole or to a unit within the district and not be unduly disruptive or time consuming to the educational process. Learn more about Research in Everett Public Schools.


     The district supports staff who want to apply for grants to enhance instruction and learning. The source of these grants may be federal, state or local agencies, foundations or private donors. All grant applications must be pre-approved and coordinated through the district administration to ensure that they are consistent with district goals and policies. Learn more about grants and access the pre-award process form.