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Frequently Asked Questions

  • NEW | Since meals are free, do I still need to complete a free & reduced application?

  • NEW | What if my child can't drink milk or has a medically diagnosed food allergy?

  • NEW | What happened to money left in my student account?

  • Do we need to pre-order our meals every week?

  • Can I pick up a meal kit if I didn’t pre-order?

  • Do I have to pick meals up at the school my student is enrolled in?

  • Who can pick up the meals?

  • What if my child can’t drink milk or has a medically diagnosed food allergy?

  • Can I receive a meal kit for a child that does not attend Everett Public Schools?

  • When can I pick up meals?

  • What if I can’t make my pick-up time or location that I originally selected?

  • Are the meals free?

  • How do I complete a free/reduced meal application?

  • What is included in a meal kit?

  • Why does the menu look different than what I received?

  • What should I do if I’m missing something from my child’s meal kit?

  • What is free/reduced application and how do I get one?