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    Everett Public Schools is dedicated to providing students with the highest quality education and access to technology that enriches their learning. Supported by our community, as of fall 2020 each and every student will have daily access to technology including a device, resources, and wireless connection. Having access to technology is only a starting point; resources, instructional design and quality instruction leverage technology to enrich, engage, and involve students in their learning and creativity.  

Technology Support

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  • Family Tech Help Request Families and students can submit Technology related questions and concerns via this form.
  • Home Internet Access Application for students who do not have internet access available to them outside of school.
  • Staff Service - Help Desk Information for staff members about Help Desk and how to submit technology tickets.

Technology Resources

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  • Everett Public Schools is investing in technology that has equipped our staff and students with resources that strengthen teaching and learning. Through careful design and thoughtful application, technology is accelerating, amplifying, and expanding the impact of the effective teachers. Our students are set on the path of mastering the digital world as one of the many skills they will need in leading and shaping the future. Transformative use of technology has enriched collaboration, communication, creativity, and critical thinking. Students are entering the global arena exploring a wide variety of perspectives guided by instructional who are fostering citizenship skills such as empathy, respect for the diversity and worth of others, and advocacy for self, school and community. Integrating technology in Everett Public Schools is equipping students to reach deeper, acquire the knowledge, attitudes and skills to adapt to the rapidly changing world with a growth mindset. 
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    , Director, Information and Network Services    
    Michele Waddel, Director, Learning Management Services
    Todd Koren, Director, Customer Technology Services

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