• FOR OVER TWO DECADES, OnlineHS is one of Washington State’s oldest and most successful virtual learning programs. Nearly 1500 students take OnlineHS classes each year.

    As online learning continues to be the fastest-growing form of education in the world, Everett Public School students find themselves better prepared for college and the 21st Century.


    The Power of eLearning

    For over a decade, OnlineHS is one of Washington State's oldest and most successful virtual learning programs. District high school students take online courses as part of their 6-period school day or in addition to their schedule.


    OnlinHS courses are available 24 hours a day & 7 days a week from most any Internet-connected devices.

    Students can engage with their material, other classmates, and instructor before, during and after the typical school day.

    Students take courses during the day as part of their 6-period schedule, in-addition to their school day, and during the summer.


    Students enjoy the individualized & personalized attention they receive with access to teachers via email, text, and phone.

    Staff can also be on-site at each high school by appointment and students are always welcome to drop-in to the OnlineHS computer lab for one-on-one assistance.



    OnlineHS serves nearly 1,500 students a year across the district in grades 8 - 12, during the district's Fall, Spring, & Summer terms.

    Many graduates find OnlineHS to be a valuable part of their academic success!