OnlineHS is an Everett Public Schools e-learning program, for Everett Public School students.

    Courses are aligned with those of the on-site comprehensive high schools. Courses are developed by Everett School District teachers in association with curriculum specialists.

    Most courses are a semester in length and successful completion earns students 0.5 credits.

    A description of each course can be found in the Everett Public Schools Course Catalog


    CTE110   Family Health
    ENG103   Pre-AP English
    ENG104   Pre-AP English
    ENG201   Pre-AP English 2
    ENG202   Pre-AP English 2
    ENG301   English 3
    ENG302   English 3
    ENG401   English 4
    ENG402   English 4
    ENG511   Creative Writing 1 - Poetry & Memoir
    ENG523   Myth & Legend
    ENG524   Contemporary Authors - Banned Books
    ENG541 / 542   Cinema Visions
    GRD421 / 422   College & Career Readiness Seminar
    MTH117   Algebraic Concepts: HS Math Year 1
    MTH118   Algebraic Concepts: HS Math Year 1
    MTH217   Geometry in Application: HS Math Year 1
    MTH218   Geometry in Application: HS Math Year 2
    MTH317   Advanced Algebraic Concepts: HS Math      Year 2
    MTH318   Advanced Algebraic Concepts: HS Math       Year 3
    MTH401   Precalculus
    MTH402   Precalculus
    MTH559 & 660   College in the HS Pre-Calculus
    PED111   Physical Education 1
    PED112   Physical Education 1
    PED201   Walking
    PED202   Walking
    PED221   Lifetime Sports
    PED222   Lifetime Sports
    SCI211   Oceanography 
    SOC101   iGeography
    SOC201   World History
    SOC202   World History
    SOC301   U.S. History
    SOC302   U.S. History
    SOC401   Washington State History
    SOC411   Contemporary Global Issues
    SOC501   Government
    SOC610   Psychology



    • Not all courses are offered every semester.
    • Some classes may be closed if there are insufficient enrollments. We try to keep enrollments at a minimum of twelve students to maximize the opportunities for interactions.