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    By now you probably know that one of the best things you can do after high school is continue your education. Whether in college or a training program, you try new things, meet new people and expand your understanding of the world and what it has to offer. 

    Participating in post-secondary education and training opportunities also improves your chances of having the life and career you want in the future. In most cases, the more education and training you have, the more careers and jobs you can choose from, and the more money you can earn

    A few important facts about people who graduate from college: 

    • They live longer.
    • They are physically healthier.
    • They are more likely get jobs AND keep them.
    • They are more likely to enjoy the work they do.
    • They have more options and can change careers more easily.

    Some statistics about who earns what: 

    • People who didn't finish high school earn about $18,519 per year.
    • People who only received their GED or high school diploma earn about $28,816 per year.
    • People who attended some college but did not receive a degree earn about $34,567 per year.
    • People who received their associate's degree earn about $35,972 per year.
    • People who received a bachelor's degree or higher earn about $59,539 per year.