Elementary Curriculum

  • Everett Public School elementary schools follow the state recommended outline for elementary school. Teachers can find Social Studies GLE's and suggested Grade Level Outlines by visiting the OSPI Social Studies website.

Middle School Curriculum

  • Students in middle school have the opportunity to learn about local, national, and world history and human and physical geography. Students read and write about history and experience interactive activities that help develop Social Studies Skills: critical reasoning, inquiry-based research, and deliberation.
    In 6th Grade, students learn about Ancient and Medieval World History.
    In 7th Grade, students learn about World Geography and Washington State History. Successfully completing Washington State History in middle school fulfills a high school graduation requirement.
    Beginning with the 2006/07 school year, 7th grade students have the opportunity to fulfill a high school graduation requirement by successfully completing their Washington State History course. Fulfilling this requirement in 7th grade allows students more flexibility in their future high school class schedules. If a student does not successfully meet the objectives of the middle school Washington State History class, that student will still be able to fulfill the Washington State History graduation requirement by enrolling in the high school Washington State History class during their high school career.
    In 8th Grade, students learn about United States History, Beginnings to Reconstruction.

High School Curriculum

  • Students in our high schools have the opportunity to learn about World, United State History,and United States Government as well as a wide variety of electives to extend their learning beyond the basic Social Studies curriculum.
    By taking courses in World History, United States History, and United States Government, students are fulfilling their Social Studies graduation requirements. Taking at least one additional .5 credit is also required and will fulfill entrance requirements for Washington State public four-year universities and many private colleges and universities.
    Students begin the required series of Social Studies courses with Modern World History,typically taken in 10th grade. Students then continue to United States History in 11th grade and United States Government in 12th Grade. Each of these required courses is also available as an Advanced Placement (AP) course.
    For students who did not fulfill the requirement in Middle School, Washington State History is also offered.
    Depending upon the high school, a wide variety of electives are offered for students who are interested in extending their social studies education beyond the basic requirements, including the following AP options: AP Human Geography, AP Microeconomics, AP Macroeconomics, AP Psychology, and AP Research Social Studies.

College Options in Social Studies

  • High School Students have several choices for earning college credit while taking high school courses. When pursuing college options in high school, students and their families should be aware that, depending on the program, additional expenses may be applied such as college tuition, college textbooks, and/or transportation.
    Advanced Placement (AP) 
    Advanced Placement courses prepare students to take the Advanced Placement exam for that subject area. By successfully meeting standards on the AP exam, students may earn college credit. Social Studies Advanced Placement courses offered are:
    • AP Human Geography
    • AP Macroeconomics
    • AP Microeconomics 
    • AP Psychology 
    • AP United States Government and Politics 
    • AP United States History 
    • AP World History 

    For more information about Advanced Placement, students should visit the AP Central Website and see their high school counselor.

    College in High School

    College in the High School courses allow students to earn college credit from local community colleges while taking courses at their own high school. Teachers of these courses must be qualified to become adjunct faculty at the local community college. Social Studies College in the High School courses offered are:
    • United States History 
    • Washington State History 
    • United States Government 
    For more information, students should see their high school counselor.

    Running Start
    Students who qualify and enroll in Running Start may take college courses at local community colleges instead of attending high school courses. For more information, students should contact their high school counselor.