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  • attention student athletes new health forms required

    If you have a student planning on participating in athletics for the 2021-22 school year who has required emergency medications at school for a severe medical condition, such as asthma, anaphylaxis, seizures, diabetes, and/or any other life threatening medical condition at school in previous school years, there is a new athletic requirement.


    For your student to be eligible to participate in Fall Athletics, we will need a completed Medication Authorization Form returned, by 12:00pm, noon, the week prior to the first practice.

    Football deadline is August 11, 2021
    All other high school fall sports is August 23, 2021
    Middle school fall sports is September 6, 2021

    Washington state law and Everett Public Schools policy mandate that all students, with such a condition, must have a medical order, required medication, and health plan in place prior to their attendance in any school activity including athletics. If your student meets any of the listed conditions, they will need the additional items completed before they are eligible to participate in athletics.

    For your student's safety and in compliance with WA state laws, we appreciate your attention to this matter. Medication Authorization Forms can be found on the district website (links below) and will require your student's medical provider's signature.

    •    General Medication Authorization Order Form (Asthma & other medications)
    •    Anaphylaxis Medication Order Form (Epinephrine for life-threatening allergy

    These forms may be faxed to 425-385-5252 during the summer break. We will have nursing staff who will be in contact once we receive your student's forms

  • On June 11, 2021, the Robert C. Polk Memorial Athletic Scholarship program was presented virtually.  View the virtual presentation on our district YouTube page.

  • The mission of Everett Public Schools is to have all students learning to high standards. This mission applies to the activities and athletics programs of the district as well.

    We believe that participation in school supported activity and athletic programs provides students of Everett Public Schools an opportunity to learn the principles of leadership, responsibility, teamwork, commitment, sportsmanship, discipline, goal-setting, and other valuable life skills. Also, studies show that girls and boys who are active in activities and athletics have higher grade point averages, better school attendance, fewer discipline problems, and higher graduation rates. View The Case for High School Activities from the National Federation of State High School Associations.

    Each of Everett Public Schools secondary schools provide a wide range of activity programs that can fit many student interests. Consistent at all schools are choir, band, drama, and ASB programs. Schools may also offer a variety of service, academic, and special interest clubs depending on the interest level of the students.

    Everett Public Schools also provides quality athletic opportunities to male and female students in grade 7-12. The five middle schools compete in the Sno-King League. Sports offered include cross country, football, softball, soccer, basketball, volleyball, wrestling and track.

    The three Everett Public Schools high schools compete in the Western Conference (Wesco) in cross country (B/G), football, volleyball (G), swimming (B/G), tennis (B/G), golf (B/G), baseball, softball, soccer (B/G), track (B/G), wrestling, basketball (B/G), and bowling (G).

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