Tambark Creek Elementary School

  • Architectural concept drawing of the new elementary school Tambark Creek Elementary School is scheduled to open by fall 2019. Located at 4419 180th St. SE, just east of  Sunset Rd., the school will be the learning home for 550 students in grades K-5.

    Ms. Celia O’Connor-Weaver, currently the principal at Hawthorne Elementary School, will be the principal of the new elementary school. Approximately 60 faculty and staff will join her to support student learning. The school will have 30 classrooms, an administrative office, library, gymnasium, a cafeteria, kitchen, covered play area, and playfields. The site also has a protected wetlands area, which will be used for outdoor learning. 

    Watch this page for more information as we select staff, organize a PTA, plan for student learning, order furniture and equipment, and get ready to move in this coming summer. 

    Watch our new school take shape through photos and drone footage.

    The Educational Specifications developed to guide design of Tambark Creek include eight guiding principles:

    • Natural light supports learning and wellness.
    • Access to nature extends learning beyond the classroom.
    • Learning environments are flexible and adjust to meet various needs and learning styles.
    • Our school community is accessible, inclusive, and welcoming to all.
    • Care is taken in creating spaces that inspire.
    • The school atmosphere supports community partnerships and collaboration.
    • Visibility and transparency promotes connectivity.
    • Our school and its culture foster a safe and secure learning community.