• 2016 Capital Bond and Levy Projects

    In April 2016, voters approved both a Capital Bond and a Capital Levy. These two measures were designed as first steps to meet district growth needs and to begin making educational technology learning devices available for each student. 

    The 2016 Capital Bond is paying to modernize North Middle and Woodside Elementary. Construction on those projects begins in the spring 2018. It is paying to build a brand new elementary school to open in fall 2019.

    The 2016 Capital Levy is paying for safety projects, technology infrastructure improvements district-wide and is paying for phase one of putting educational computing devices into the hands of all students.  The Capital Levy is paying for safety improvements and is upgrading technology infrastructures. These funds are also paying for portable classrooms needed as a result of growth and is being used to buy land for a future school.  Learn more...


    Other Capital Projects

    The district covers more than 37 square miles and includes 26 schools and other support facilities. To protect the communities’ investment in those public properties, the facilities and planning department oversees capital projects in addition to those funded by capital bonds and capital levies.  See more...