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  • Two young girls working on project Challenging Options classes provide extra academic challenges for students in grades K-12. 

    Elementary classrooms in grades 2-5 are self-contained for highly capable students who meet the state's criteria for giftedness. Parent referral packets are used to refer students to be considered for placement into the Highly Capable classes. Teachers and community members may also refer a student, but only a parent or guardian can give permission to test.

    Middle School Advanced Pathways include English Language Arts, and Mathematics. These classes are for students who are achieving at high academic levels and are motivated learners. Teachers, parents and students may refer students for the program. Selection for these courses is based on parents' and teachers' thoughtful consideration of the characteristics of students likely to succeed in advanced pathway courses. 

    High School Honors, Advanced Placement, College in High School, and Running Start are among the challenging options available. High school students self-select these classes based upon their interests, skills, and abilities and with the guidance of parents and school counselors. 


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