Welcome to LEAP

  •  Complete a Kindergarten parent referral packet  and Kindergarten teacher referral form to apply for LEAP evaluation.


     What is the LEAP?

    Students who are identified and selected for Learning Enrichment Achievement Program (LEAP) receive enrichment in the same school and classroom they are in now. Services may include differentiation, enrichment activities, grouping with peers of similar ability, project-based learning or other activities that extend learning.
    • Kindergarten through first-grade students learning in the Learning Enrichment Achievement Program (LEAP) in their home school and regular classroom.
    • Second through fifth-grade students learning in the Highly Capable (HC) self-contained program (2-5).


    Director: Becky Ballbach
    Phone: 425-385-4033 

    Mailing Address:
    Student Support Services 
    Everett Public Schools 
    3900 Broadway
    Everett, WA 98201