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  • Submission of Parent/Guardian Referral Testing is now closed (deadline December 15, 2023).

    In compliance with new requirements from the Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction (OSPI), the screening process for LEAP (Learning Enrichment Achievement Program) /Highly Capable identification is changing. Beginning in the 2023-2024 school year, districts are required to administer universal screeners two times during the elementary years, once in or before second grade, and again in or before sixth grade for identification and placement decisions (RCW 28A.185.030).

    To meet this requirement, EPS will administer the CogAT universal screener to all students in first grade and in fifth grade.

    • In first grade, the screener is used to identify students who might qualify for LEAP and/or for recommendation to take the full battery of tests for highly capable identification.
    • In fifth grade, the screener is used to identify students who might qualify for LEAP and to support their course selection in middle school where students have access to advanced and accelerated options.

    In kindergarten, the process of screening students begins with the submission of a Parent/Guardian Referral for Testing Form by December 15, 2023. Referred students will be screened with the CogAT screener in January at their homeschool.

    Students who are identified and selected for LEAP receive enrichment in the same school and classroom they are in now starting second semester of the same school year. Teachers and parents typically work together in deciding which area of study (math, reading, or science) the student needs accelerated course work in. As an example, if the student is above grade level in reading, they will be receiving accelerated course work in that area. The focus of this program is not to give more work but to give challenging work. LEAP Services may include differentiation, enrichment activities, grouping with peers of similar ability, project-based learning or other activities that extend learning.

    The CogAT Screener is given on a Chromebook with headphones to listen to instructions throughout the test. It consists of three out of the nine subtests from the complete CogAT Highly Capable exam, including Verbal/Picture Analogies, Number Analogies, and Figure Matrices. Each subtest includes practice questions to help students become familiar with the content and format of the subtests. These practice questions help students gain familiarity with the item formats and how to complete the different reasoning tasks.

    The grade 1 screener takes around 45 minutes (including practice), but is not timed and requires no reading. Grade 1 students will look at a few pictures then click the circle under the picture that best matches the number, figure, or verbal relationship shown in the question. The grade 5 screener is of similar design and duration, but is timed. Like grade 1 students, grade 5 students will also select the best item to complete analogies, but between words, numbers, or figures.

    The Selection Committee will review the students' CogAT Screener results along with teacher observation inventories to determine possible selection for LEAP Services. 

    If your child qualifies for LEAP services, they will automatically continue in LEAP each subsequent year of elementary school unless you request in writing to have your child exited from the program OR your child qualifies and accepts placement into the Highly Capable Program.

    Universal First and Fifth Grade Screener:

    • Universal first and fifth grade screening takes place in the fall of each school year.
    • Information will be sent to schools and families of all first and fifth grade students in October.
    • Testing takes place in your student's classroom.
    • The test will be given on Chromebooks with headphones and takes about 45 minutes.
    • No parent or teacher referral is required. All first and fifth grade students participate in the screening process.


    For inquiries, contact: 
    Lindsey de Carteret 
    Administrative Assistant
    Highly Capable Program