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Everett Career Link - Summer Programs

  • Everett Career Link is a partnership between Everett Public Schools, Snohomish STEM, the City of Everett, and regional employers designed to offer students the opportunity to "learn before they earn" by showing what it is like to work in a specific job environment, and provides high school credit to students. 

    High School internships, mentorships, and career exploratory experiences support the vitality of the region by providing students with the opportunity to access knowledge of pathways to fulfilling careers, while at the same time providing employers opportunity to address workforce needs by working with potential future employees.

    The Career Exploration, Mentorships, and Internships course will:

    • Run for six weeks during Summer School
    • Award students with .5 CTE credits
    • Focus on regional in-demand careers with global career awareness
    • Include activities such as virtual worksite tours, employer presentations, panel discussions and real-world projects connected to regional career opportunities

    Benefits to students include:

    • Exploration of career options in various fields
    • Build community connections and networks by connecting with students from across the district and employers from across the region
    • Enhance employability and 21st Century skills
    • Inform and motivate course and career planning
    • Boost resume and college application


    To learn more: 
    Career Connected, STEM-CTE

    Each high school has a teacher ready to help with this process.

    Everett High School:  Tammy Price 

    Cascade High School: Brian Cherniak

    Jackson High School: Bree Youngberg

    Sequoia High School:  Tammy Price

    Program Coordinator: Vanessa Edwards