Welcome To Categorical Programs

  • classroom with girl enthusiastically raising her hand The Categorical Programs office assists the schools to better support students through the Title I, LAP, Multilingual Learner, and KIT – Homeless Education programs.

    Categorical Programs provides additional staff, professional development, curriculum, and materials to ensure that qualifying students are given the necessary support to reach academic standards. The Title I Program assists students who are below standard academically in elementary schools with a high percentage of poverty. The Learning Assistance Program (LAP) provides resources for students who are below standard in reading in kindergarten through fourth grade. Multilingual Learner (ML) services support those students who are attaining proficiency in the English language.  Students who are homeless benefit from the Kids in Transition (KIT) Program.

    For a description of these programs, the students they serve, the support offered, and additional resources, please follow the links to the right.

    Chris Fulford, Director, Categorical Programs