• Strategic Plan Overview

  • inspire, achieve, thrive

    The Everett School District has a refreshed strategic plan. This ambitious, exciting and comprehensive effort will guide Everett Public Schools for the next five years and aims at bringing everyone together to meet the needs of all students. To view all of the themes, objectives and first and second year initiatives, view the strategic plan framework. The first year initiatives are in red. 

    Priority Student Outcomes

    The following six outcomes are the agreed upon targets for 2021-2026:

    Priority Student Outcomes image


    Strategic Themes

    Each Strategic Theme includes initiatives created for the strategic plan. These initiatives will help meet the theme goals which will ultimately help us achieve our Priority Student Outcomes. Each initiative is assigned a sponsor, an owner and team members.

    Click on each image below to find out more about the inititatives under each theme.           

     Theme A  Theme B  Theme C  Theme D  Theme E  Theme F