Sexual Health Education

  • Senate Bill 5395 requires all public schools to provide comprehensive sexual health education (CSHE) to all students. Instruction must be consistent with Health Education K-12 Learning Standards, which provide a framework for comprehensive instruction and the provisions of the law. 

    Any parent or legal guardian may review the sexual health education curriculum offered in their child's school via written request with:

    • the school district board of directors or its designee
    • the principal of the school one's child attends
    • the principal's designee
    • link to request curriculum review is at the right

    Parents or legal guardians who wish to have their child excused from any planned instruction in sexual health education may do so. The family opt-out form is at the right.

Grades K-12 Sexual Health Overview

  • Grades K-3

  • Grades 4-5

  • Grades 6-8

  • Grades 9-12