Physical Education Competency Credit

Sports Equipment
  • High school students who cannot complete the state-required 1.5 credits of physical education due to other rigorous academic responsibilities, such as Running Start, Sno-Isle Skills Center, or heavy AP Academic schedules, may apply for a Physical Education Competency Credit.

    Students should refer to their school's PE teachers or PE Competency Coordinator with any questions regarding this process. 

    Relevant information can be found below. 

Basic Information and Requirements

Students Must:

    • Have successfully completed PE 1 before being eligible for a PE Competency Credit.
    • Currently be participating in a sport supervised by a coach.
    • Ensure PE Competency applications are pre-approved by the PE Competency Coordinator.
    • Complete the needed community athletics forms whenever their athletic activity is beginning, when applicable.
    • Complete the PE Competency Application form given to you by your school's PE Competency Coordinator (listed above) by:
      • Fall applications are due the Second Friday in September
      • Winter applications are due the First Friday in December
      • Spring Applications are due the Second Friday in March
    • Complete the Competency Packet within 2 weeks of season end dates
      • Fall season ends the Second Friday in November
      • Winter season ends the Second Friday in February
      • Spring Season ends the Second Friday in May
    • Students cannot be given retroactive PE Credits. Special circumstances may be considered. See your PE Competency Coordinator for any questions.