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    Everett Public Schools believes that investing in technology equips our staff and students with resources that strengthen teaching and learning. “When carefully designed and thoughtfully applied, technology can accelerate, amplify, and expand the impact of effective teaching practices” according to the National Education Technology Plan Future Ready 2016. Mastering the digital world is key in reaching our vision of students leading and shaping the future.
    As technology blends deeper into daily living, so can it fit seamlessly into the learning landscape. Blended learning incorporates technology into everyday learning so students can develop into well-rounded, healthy, and flexible thinkers in the virtual world and face to face. Transformative use of technology enriches collaboration, communication, creativity, and critical thinking. Students can enter a global arena exploring a wide variety of perspectives guided by instructional staff fostering citizenship skills such as empathy, respect for the diversity and worth of others, and advocacy for self, school and community. 
    Integrating technology means equipping students to acquire the knowledge, attitudes and skills that help them to adapt to the rapidly changing world and adopt a growth mindset. It empowers them to evolve personally and professionally.
    Read  Everett Public Schools Integrated Technology Plan 2016-22 to understand Everett Public School’s approach to technology integration.