• Integrating technology

    Everett Public Schools is boosting teaching and learning with technology that empowers both staff and students. Thoughtful design and application of technology are enhancing teachers' effectiveness.  Our students are set on the path of mastering the digital world as one of the many skills they will need in leading and shaping the future. 

    Technology is becoming a natural part of our lives, and we're integrating it smoothly into education. Blended learning, which combines technology with everyday learning, is shaping students into adaptable thinkers both online and offline. Technology is also enhancing collaboration, communication, creativity, and critical thinking. Guided by their teachers, students are gaining global perspectives and important citizenship skills like empathy, respect, and community involvement. 

    Integrating technology in Everett Schools helps students learn deeply, adapt to change, and grow personally and professionally. 

    Read  Everett Public Schools Integrated Technology Plan 2022-28 to understand Everett Public School’s approach to technology integration.
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