Communication Line

  • A Communication Line for Non-English Speaking Families


    woman speaking on phone

    What Is It?

    In collaboration with Refugee and Immigrant Services Northwest, our families have access to a telephone line on which they can leave requests for contact by the schools, absence information, or any questions they may have about their students' schooling. This line is available in Spanish, Russian, Arabic, Vietnamese and Korean.

    How Does It Work?

    1. Parents call the line and follow the instructions presented in their languages. They may leave a message for a school or district office, or for a specific staff member.

    2. Translators will access messages from parents every 24 hour. They will translate the message and send it by fax to Categorical Programs.

    3. Categorical Programs will forward the message immediately to a designated contact (usually the principal and secretary) at the appropriate school or department.

    4. The school or department will respond to the parent within 24 hours of receipt of the message, as appropriate.

    5. In the event of an emergency, the caller is told to call the direct line at Refugee Services at 425-388-9307. The parent will be connected with a translator who will help communicate his or her emergency message by a three-way call with the school.