Language Access

    Everett Public Schools strives to communicate effectively with families that speak another language in a language they can understand. As the parent/guardian of a district student, you have the right to participate in your child’s education, including communicating with teachers and staff. The district uses several services to meet the language needs of our community.
    There are more than 130 languages spoken by families in the Everett school district.
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    Communication Message Line (non-urgent needs)-for use by families


    In collaboration with Refugee and Immigrant Services Northwest (RISNW), our families have access to a telephone line on which they can leave requests for contact by the schools, absence information, or any questions they may have about their child’s schooling.

    This line is available in Spanish, Russian, Arabic, Vietnamese and Korean.

    *Please note, it may take 24 hours from the receipt of the message for it to be processed.

    How it works:

    1. Parents call the line (425-385-4011) and follow the instructions presented in their languages. They may leave a message for a school or district office, or for a specific staff member.

    2. Translators will access messages from parents every 24 hours. They will translate the message and send it to the Language Access Coordinator.

    3. Language Access Coordinator will forward the message immediately to a designated contact (usually the principal and office manager) at the appropriate school or department.

    4. The school or department will respond to the parent within 24 hours of receipt of the message, as appropriate.

    5. In the event of an emergency, the caller is told to call the direct line at Refugee Services at 425-388-9307. The parent will be connected with a translator who will help communicate his or her emergency message by a three-way call with the school.

    Below are links to Communication Line information in different languages:

    خط البريد الصوتي العربي Arabic Voicemail Line | Арабская линия голосовой почты Russian Voicemail Line | Línea de correo de voz árabe Spanish Voicemail Line | Dòng thư thoại tiếng Ả Rập Vietnamese Voicemail Line  

    Interpreter & Translation Services

    Everett offers interpreter and translation services in many languages, free of charge. We encourage you to tell someone at your child's school if you need an interpreter or a translation. For more information, please visit this page.


    Phone Oral Interpretation 

    We have access to two phone services. Language Link and LionBridge provide on-the-spot interpretation in more than 100 languages through a 3-way call with an interpreter, family and school staff. Contact your school directly to connect with Language Link or LionBridge.

    In-Person Oral Interpretation

    When an in-person interpreter is needed (for school events, teacher conferences, etc.), please contact your school in advance and they will make the request through our Language Access Coordinator.

    Written Translations

    Vital documents are professionally translated as needed and requested, subject to language population size identified in the district. Written translation is not available on-demand, and can take several days to weeks to process, depending on the language requested length and complexity of document(s) and vendor schedules. Contact your school directly to request written translations.

    Online Translation

    The Google Translate tool on our website instantly translates our district and school webpage content into more than 100 languages. Please note, Google Translate may NOT always translate accurately due to limitations of the machine-generated service.

    You can also use the Images button at the top to take a picture of something to have it translated.