• Summer 2021 Career Link Programs Information

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    For summer 2021, Everett Public Schools and the City of Everett have created three Everett Career Link programs: Career Exploration, Mentorships, and/or Internships.

    Ways for local employers to participate

    This credit-bearing course will provide high school students the unique opportunity to engage in career learning up-close while social distancing. Taught by Everett Public Schools teachers, regional employers can contribute to the course through activity such as:

    • Virtual worksite tours (pre-recorded)
    • Job shadow / day-in-the-life (pre-recorded)
    • Presentations
    • Panel discussions
    • Observe workplace experiences (e.g., observe a meeting)
    • Advising student projects

    Benefits to employers

    • Keep local talent local
    • Change lives of youth in our community
    • Have a proactive approach to the local talent pipeline
    • Gain fresh perspectives
    • Foster brand advocates


    Everett Public Schools staff, and the Everett Career Link Intermediary will support employers through all program components.

    February 1 - April 16

    • Confirm interest in participation
    • Complete paperwork (updated / simplified version of internship paperwork)
    • Prepare contributions to course

    June 28 – August 5:

    • Contribute to Career Exploration, Mentorships, and/or Internships courses

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