• Submission of Highly Capable Referral for Testing is now closed (deadline December 15, 2023). 


    How are students referred and selected for the Highly Capable Program?

    Selection procedures include a referral form from a parent/guardian and a teacher as well as testing of each student.  Written parent/guardian permission is required prior to testing. A Selection Committee composed of the program  director, a school psychologist, a principal of a school with a Highly Capable center, classroom teachers, and other appointed professionals makes the final selection of students for the program.

    Selection is based on academic assessments, a cognitive assessment, and teacher ratings on learning, motivation, and  creativity. The Selection Committee reviews data on each student, substituting a numbering system for names to protect confidentiality. Parents will receive a letter following the Selection Committee meeting with test results and  the committee’s decision for placement in a Highly Capable program classroom or regular program classroom.

    Note: For any assistance / questions for First Grade Referrals, please contact: 

    Highly Capable Program 
    Lindsey de Carteret