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    Why does the district offer Highly Capable testing?

    One of the district’s strategic targets is ensuring that each student has equitable access to rigorous curriculum content. The School Board and district staff believe each student can learn to high standards when there are high expectations, high support, and exemplary classroom instruction. For additional information, please visit the FAQ link on our website


    When will the HC exam be given?

    During the months of February and March, each elementary school will be hosting the Highly Capable CogAT & ITBS full-battery exam. Your specific testing date will be sent to you via email in January. If you are participating in the Everett Virtual Academy, testing will be held at the Community Resource Center. You can be a great help by making every effort to have your student attend during your school's testing window. If your student is ill, please do not bring them to testing on this day. It will be your responsibility to contact our office immediately to be rescheduled for testing in the Spring by emailing 


    What will your student experience during the HC exam?

    Trained, certificated proctors will guide students through the CogAT (Cognitive Abilities Test) & ITBS (IOWA Test of Basic Skills) tests online using Chromebooks and provided headphones. The students participating will have regular breaks and will be going to lunch and recess with their classroom.


    The test will take the majority of a regular school day and doesn’t require any special preparation or studying. However, along with emphasizing the importance of attendance, you can encourage your student to answer all the questions, relax and do their “best work.” It’s always helpful for students to have a good night’s sleep before a test and a healthy breakfast in the morning.