Walsh-Platt/Dwayne Lane Award

  • The first Walsh-Platt Athletic Banquet was held in the Spring of 1962. Construction of Cascade High School had been completed the preceding fall, and now housed on the new campus were 800 students in the sophomore and junior classes. There was no senior class until the following school year (1962-1963).

    With the opening of the new high school, the whole concept of high school athletics in the city of Everett would undergo a change. In an effort to encourage continuing the existing high standard in athletics in both high schools, Walsh-Platt Motors (now Dwayne Lane’s Family of Auto Centers) made this proposal:

    “In furtherance of the meritorious desires of the Principals for Everett High School and Cascade High School and their athletic directors to jointly build a high standard, good citizenship athletic program with a reasonable competitive relationship appealing to the parents of the school district, and to properly reward scholarship and good sportsmanship, Walsh-Platt deem it a privilege to sponsor an award to the individual school representative in the form of a college scholarship.”

    In September 1994, Everett Public Schools opened Henry M. Jackson High School and they were added to the pool. In 2012 the name of the award was changed to the Dwayne Lane Athletic Award.
    The award honors student-athletes who carry a minimum 2.5 GPA and excels in athletic competition. Each high school nominates four student-athletes and a committee of community representatives select the male and female winners. Below are the past winners.




     2017Marlena Urvater Everett 
        Jacob Elenbaas Cascade 
    2016 Sydney Taggart Everett 
     Nick Blair Everett 
    2015Brooke KingmaJackson
    Aaron RoeJackson
    Anna Pischer
     Jason ToddJackson
    Conner Hayes
    Sarah Jenkins Cascade
    2012 Jody Barhanovich Everett
    Sam Brown Jackson
    2011 Leann Haathaa Jackson
    Lucas Sontra Everett
    2010 Juliette Becker Jackson
    Malaki Seanoa Everett
    2009 Jahleel "JB" Barnes Jackson
    Katy Gross Cascade
    2008 J. Hopkins Everett
    Kristi Kingma Jackson
    2007 Dirk Snell Cascade
    Maureen Frauenholtz Everett
    2006 Travis Snider Jackson
    Whitney Hooks Cascade
    2005 Nicole Barhanovich Everett
    Tom Heneghan Jackson
    2004 Amy Hudson Everett
    Niko Sievers Everett
    2003 Christine Lee Jackson
    Nick Casillas Cascade
    2002 Emily Olson Everett
    Mike Skoor Cascade
    2001 Dan Sparks Jackson
    Natalie Hardin Cascade
    2000 Grady Sizemore Cascade
    Stephanie Jaross Cascade
    1999 Joey Cronin Everett
    Robyn Larson Jackson
    1998 Letesha Moore Everett
    Mike Montgomery Jackson
    1997 Anne Pearson Cascade
    Scott Stencil Everett
    1996 Eric "Otto" Olson Everett
    1995 Joshua Heron Cascade
    1994 Kim Corbray Cascade
    1993 Jerry Jensen Cascade
    1992 Dan Gilday Cascade
    1991 Kristen Glass Cascade
    1990 Michelle Stengrund Cascade
    1989 Tom Tri Cascade
    1988 Tom Lane Everett
    1987 David Clark Cascade
    1986 Amy Pelton Cascade
    1985 Scott Thompson Cascade
    1984 Kim Sultze Cascade
    1983 Amy Pettersen Everett
    Chris Chandler Everett
    1982 Kris Reykdal Cascade
    1981 Kathy Wilson Everett
    1980 Bruce Overstreet Everett
    1979 Meg Metzger Everett
    1978 Chuck Nelson Everett
    1977 Lloyd White Everett
    1976 Molly O'Neil Everett
    1975 Mark Pederson Cascade
    1974 Jeff Strom Cascade
    1973 John Simek Cascade
    1972 John Osborne Everett
    1971 Bill Spencer Cascade
    1970 Vic Alinen Cascade
    1969 Todd Wallenberg Everett
    1968 Tom Young Everett
    1967 Bob Cummins Everett
    1966 Steve Eadie Everett
    1965 Eric Youngstrom Cascade
    1964 Lou Stevenson Cascade
    1963 Jeff Cushman Cascade
    1962 Terry Ennis Everett