• Enrollment & Registration

    • STEP 1:  Student registers for an OnlineHS course at their school and is enrolled by their counselor.

    • STEP 2:  Student/family downloads the required, state-mandated SOU/SLP form and returns the completed form (in ink) to their school counseling office within 5 days.

    • STEP 3:  Students access their online course with the start of classes at the beginning of the term.
      IMPORTANT NOTE: On or before the 5th day of the term,  the student must turn-in the SOU/SLP  AND  complete the Course Introduction, or the student is dropped from their OnlineHS course and re-scheduled into an onsite class at their school.


    During a Student’s 6-period School Day

    As part of an Everett School District student’s 6-period day, students can take one to two online classes AS PART OF their regular school schedule–for FREE!

    These students would be on-campus for their high school classes and home for their online classes.

    For student/families interested in more than 2 courses, please be aware that recent changes in Washington State Alternative Learning Education (ALE) law has additional requirements for students where the number of online classes exceeds their on-site courses. Counselor approval is required along with approval from OnlineHS for 3 classes while enrolled in their high school.



    HOW DO I SIGN-UP for OnlineHS

    Students sign-up for OnlineHS classes through their school's academic counselor during the normal class registration window.


    Links for Everett Public School Counseling Staffs


    In-Addition to a Student’s 6-Period Day

    Students can retrieve credit or get ahead and earn credits faster by taking OnlineHS courses IN-ADDITION to their 6-Period School Day.

    Student/families register for OnlineHS courses with their school counselor.

    The EXTRA course–one that is in addition to the student’s 6-period school schedule,  incurs a fee of $225.

    Parents use the automated, online payment system to pay for each additional 0.5 credit course.  PAY ONLINE

    The course is automatically added to the student’s Canvas dashboard & accessible to them when they log-in to a district device, at the start of the semester.

    Registration for OnlineHS courses always occurs through the high school counselor in accordance with the Everett School District Semester schedule [see: District Calendar].

    PAY ONLINE for an additional OnlieHS Course:  https://wa-everett.intouchreceipting.com/ 



    FREE Full-time OnlineHS Students

    Students can become a full-time OnlineHS student by registering at Sequoia High School, completing an Everett School District Registration packet and attending a family interview with OnlineHS counselors & staff, to review an individual learning plan. Students outside Everett School District are required to have a variance.

    Students must have successfully passed an online class previously to be a full-time student. New Alternative Learning Laws require students to be on-site one hour per week.

    We typically register full-time students only up through the first 40 days of the district’s semester, and enrollment is contingent on a meeting with the OnlineHS counseling staff.


    For Student/Families interested in FULL-TIME OnlineHS:

    • Full time online learning is available for Everett Public School Students (only)
      • Students outside the district may apply to the district for a transfer via variance.

    • Full-time OnlineHS students enroll in Sequoia High School
      • OnlineHS is an alternative learning *program* by the Everett Public Schools–not a school by itself. Sequoia HS is the district’s alternative learning school.

    • There is required on-site time (face-to-face) in accordance with Washington State Law.
      This means that students must come on campus and meet with an instructor regularly.
      The number of days and length of time will be determined at the initial counselor meeting.

    • Admission for full-time OnlineHS is dependent on a successful application and review with the Sequoia High School counselor. (425) 385-5100



    Statement of Understanding (SOU)/Statement of Understanding (SLP)



    OUTSIDE of the Everett School District?

    In the Fall of 2016, OnlineHS elected to focus on its own students and is no longer serving students outside of the Everett School District.

    Student/families outside of the Everett Public Schools service area wishing to take OnlineHS courses will need to request a variance and transfer into the district.

    To that end, OnlineHS re-categorized itself with the Washington State Department of Education’s Office of Superintendent of Instruction (OSPI) Digital Learning Department (DLD) as a “single district provider."



    Nondiscrimination Statement

    The district shall provide equal educational opportunity and treatment for all students in all aspects of the academic and activities program without regard to race, color, national origin, creed, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender expression, gender identity, veteran or military status, the presence of any physical, sensory or mental disability or the use of a trained dog guide or service animal by a student with a disability.

    Designated to handle inquiries about nondiscrimination policies are:

    • Affirmative Action Officer — Randi Seaberg, rseaberg@everettsd.org, 425-385-4104
    • Title IX Officer — Mary O’Brien, MO’Brien@everettsd.org, 425-385-4106
    • 504 Coordinator — Becky Ballbach, rballbach@everettsd.org, 425-385-4063
    • ADA Coordinator — Becky Clifford, rclifford@everettsd.org, 425-385-5250
    • Address: 3900 Broadway, Everett, WA 98201