Status of Key Products

  • This page provides an opportunity for our staff and families to see if the challenges they are having with technology require support from the district or are part of a larger issue.

District Product Alerts

  • For staff: as noted in the June 8 LITS Newsletter:

    Personal cloud accounts and other filtering restrictions
    Everett Public Schools Policy 5225 specifies that the use of technology in Everett Public Schools is tied to the district’s
    mission and day-to-day operations.

    Personal accounts accessed on district computers are increasingly interfering with integration of district-approved systems and standards. As a result, the following adjustments are being made in accordance with 5225P for the improved performance of district technology utilization.

    Beginning July 1, 2022, access to personal Cloud accounts is limited, synchronization to browsers (signing into a browser like Chrome) will be limited to district-provided accounts only.

    • Personal email accounts are best accessed on your personal devices. 
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