Grant Pre-Award Process

  • grant on clipboard with eye glasses The district supports staff who want to apply for grants to enhance instruction and learning. The source of these grants may be federal, state or local agencies, foundations or private donors. All grant applications must be pre-approved and coordinated through the district administration to ensure that they are consistent with district goals and policies. 

    The following areas are covered in the pre-award process.

    • Alignment to the Strategic Plan, annual operating budget and School Improvement Plan. 
    • Review from Assessment & Research as well as a data sharing and contract review.
    • Department approval to verify program alignment.
    • Budget review and approval of total cost and indirect costs to the district or department  including matching funds and grant duration.
    • HR/Staffing review of the need for additional staff resources.
    • Chief Information Officer to confirm the need and access to student data collection analysis.
    • LITS/Facilities & Operations to approve software/hardware and digital tools needs, as well as, equipment and facilities requirements.

                  ▸Business Information Manual Section 1.04               

                  ▸Technology Standards Summary

    • Approval from Principal or Department, Superintendent or Deputy Superintendent and School Board approval if $5000 or greater.
    • Post approval summary of key information.
    • Post award considerations including deadlines, timelines, communication with stakeholders, identifying responsibility for data collection and identifying where critical information will be stored.

    Complete and submit the Grant Pre-Award Process form  advising of the applicant’s interest and requesting permission to apply for the proposed grant.

    For questions about specific parts of the form contact the department referenced on the form.

    For questions about the grant process contact Brian Beckley, Chief Information Officer at 425-385-4200.