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    Everett Public Schools is investing in technology that has equipped our staff and students with resources that strengthen teaching and learning. Through careful design and thoughtful application, technology is accelerating, amplifying, and expanding the impact of effective teachers. Our students are set on the path of mastering the digital world as one of the many skills they will need in leading and shaping the future.
    As technology blends deeper into daily living, so we are weaving it seamlessly into the learning landscape. Blended learning incorporates technology into everyday learning so our students are developing into well-rounded, healthy, and flexible thinkers in the virtual world and face to face. Transformative use of technology has enriched collaboration, communication, creativity, and critical thinking. Students are entering the global arena exploring a wide variety of perspectives guided by instructors who are fostering citizenship skills such as empathy; respect for the diversity and worth of others; and advocacy for self, school, and community. 
    Integrating technology in Everett Public Schools is equipping students to reach deeper, acquire the knowledge, attitudes and skills to adapt to the rapidly changing world with a growth mindset. They are empowered to evolve personally and professionally.
    Read  Everett Public Schools Integrated Technology Plan 2022-28 to understand Everett Public School’s approach to technology integration.


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