2023-24 Operating Budget

  • Everett School District’s budget is the written expression of how the district will utilize limited resources to achieve the goals outlined in the district’s strategic plan and community priorities. Budget development occurs throughout the year, starting in the late Fall and culminating in August with adoption by the Board of Directors. This complex process relies upon multiple sources of input from various stakeholders including students, staff, administration, legislative outcomes, key communicators and community members. The district adopted its 2023-24 operating budget on August 22, 2023.

    Please see the frequently asked questions below for helpful information. If you have any unanswered questions, please email budget@everettsd.org. 


    Frequently Asked Questions


  • Why do we have such a big deficit?

  • What is the current approximate deficit this year and next?

  • Will there be reductions in force (RIF) this spring?  

  • Are administrative furloughs an option?

  • Can we sell the Longfellow property and use the money to help reduce our deficit?

  • How could this happen if we supposedly look at long range forecasts?

  • How will you pick what gets cut?

  • Why did we negotiate high salaries?

  • Where will the cuts be? What/who will be cut to balance the district’s budget?

  • What are our opportunities to mitigate the deficit?

  • How will we sustain unfunded mandates?

  • Is basic education underfunding something the Legislature will fix?

  • How will we sustain our success with fewer resources?

  • What do budget cuts mean for my child?

  • You just passed a levy that impacts our taxes, how can you still be in a deficit?

  • How does this impact taxes moving forward?

  • Will there still be X [robotics, extracurriculars, field trips, etc.]?

  • Will there be cuts in athletics [or anything athletic related]?