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  • 2019-20 Budget Update

    Everett Public Schools has a long history of exceptional financial management which has prepared us well as we face new budget challenges this year. Public schools are funded by state and federal dollars, grants and local voter-approved levy dollars. Although the legislature provided extra funding for school employee compensation this year through the McCleary decision, legislators also reduced the amount school districts could collect through the local operating levy, as well as underfunded special education and other required programs. This reduction, if not fixed in the upcoming legislative session, will result in a shortfall in the district’s 2019-20 budget.

    Several surrounding school districts have already started announcing their plans to make budget cuts as a result of the Legislature's decision. Everett Public Schools will make cuts for next year if the Legislature doesn't make key changes in school funding. The size of the cuts will be determined largely by the legislature's actions to fully fund special education and allow the district to collect levy dollars approved by local voters. These McCleary-related fixes are explained in Everett Public Schools Board of Directors' 2020 legislative priorities.

    Four-Year Fiscal Outlook Chart

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    Overview of state prescribed budget structure 

    The financial management of schools rests with local elected school boards in the state's 295 school districts. The state, through the Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction (OSPI), supervises school district budgeting, accounting, and financial reporting to provide consistent financial management and accountability. OSPI publishes an informational guide entitled Organization and Financing of Washington Public Schools for more detailed information on K-12 public finance.