Annual Budget Cycle

  • The board and administration engage in the annual budget development cycle with several distinct phases:
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    Phase one analyzes fiscal year-end data, November state revenue forecast, December issuance of the Governor's budget, and initial enrollment projections to determine if programs can be enhanced or must be reduced in the following year.

    The next phase engages the Fiscal Advisory Council (FAC) to continue assessing all district programs, and prioritize needs utilizing the three guiding lenses of the Strategic Plan, student data, and Instructional Reviews. The FAC comprises seven community members, four students, three bargaining groups, three principals, and three cabinet members.

    The next step is the formal development of the operating budget for all funds within the state required form F-195. The process integrates all staffing and non-staffing program adjustments into the complex, state-defined format. The culmination of this process will be the first reading of the 2023-24 operating budget on June 27, 2023, followed by a public hearing and adoption by the board on August 22, 2023.

    The fourth phase of the annual budget process typically occurs in July and August when the finance and human resources departments work actively with all budget authorities to establish the operational structures necessary to start the school year.
    Finally, when the school doors open, the district begins a complex eight-day class-by-class assessment of actual student enrollment by grade level and school. This analysis includes programs such as special education, career and technical education, highly capable, and alternative programs to make staffing changes in alignment with actual enrollment.