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Book Donations This Week!
 Please remember that this week, we are collecting new or gently used books to donate to some other elementary and middle school libraries in our school district.  Donation boxes will be outside before school.  We will also have boxes throughout the day in the library that students can drop off.  Thanks!

“Ben wished the world was organized by the Dewey decimal system. That way you'd be able to find whatever you were looking for.” 
― Brian SelznickWonderstruck


Nonfiction Text Feature Scavenger Hunt Assignment (First Graders)

For this assignment, first graders are searching through some of our nonfiction eBooks looking for nonfiction text features that we have discussed in class.  I am asking students to find 2 or 3 examples of each nonfiction text features. 
 See if you can find the following:  cover, table of contents, headings, photographs, illustrations, captions, boldface, maps, diagrams, labels, index, glossary.  There are more, but these are the ones we will focus on.  If you find one not on this list, go ahead and take a note on it!  The student who finds the most variety of nonfiction text features in each first grade class will receive a few raffle tickets which, if chosen, can lead to some free books!
Here are some resources you may want to look at: 

This video will remind you how to open an eBook and take notes for thescavenger hunt

 These links may help you recognize some of these nonfiction text features, and more (great place to look for bonus items)!

 Nonfiction Text Feature Examples 1

 Nonfiction Text Features Example 2 


Video Tutorials:  

Watch the following videos to learn about how to use Destiny Quest, how to access our electronic books (eBooks), and how our library books are organized by taking a tour of the library.
Watch this video to learn how to use Destiny Quest to see what you have checked out, place holds, and to search for books in our library. Watch this video to find out how to check out and read the electronic books (eBooks) we have available in our library. Watch this video to get a tour of our library and to see how our book are organized.