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  • Innovation Expo
    Join us 
    June 6 from 5 - 8 p.m.
    for the Innovation Expo
    at Xfinity Arena
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  • Spring Soccer Club

    Spring Soccer Club

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    Give ALL of the following information


    • Student’s FULL name (First & Last) please spell out the last name clearly
    • Student’s ID Number (they will know it as their lunch number)
    • Student’s Teacher Name & Grade
    • Date of Absence
    • Reason for Absence
    • Your name, relation to student & a phone number where we can reach you

    Please do not call the office main line to report absences.


    You must call 425-385-6905 or email silverlakeattendance@everettsd.org





    Call ahead of time, email attendance address or send a note


    • Student’s FULL name (First & Last) please spell out the last name clearly
    • Student’s ID Number (they will know it as their lunch number)
    • Student’s Teacher Name & Grade
    • Your name, relation to student & a phone number where we can reach you



    If you are calling to change our student’s way home, please  DO NOT leave a voicemail message in ANY mailbox.


    Keep calling back until you speak to a staff member if you are changing your student's way home.



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  • Yearbook Club for 4th & 5th Graders

    If you are part of yearbook club, here is important information...

    Yearbook club will meet weekly, on

    Wednesdays from 3:30-4:30.

    We will meet starting January 13th through May 25th

    There will be no district provided transportation.



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  • pants 1


    Our health room is in need of clean, gently used pants in sizes 7, 8 10 & 12 (boys and girls). 

    Sweat pants are always great!



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  • The kitchen has a new email address!

    If you have questions about breakfast, lunch or your student's account, you can now email our kitchen manager at the following email address:





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  • attendance reporting
    New way to report student absences!
    Email the following information to silverlakeattendance@everettsd.org:
       student name
       homeroom teacher
       your name and relationship to student
       date(s) and reason for absence
       phone number where you can be reached at 

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  • phone

    Did you miss the last recorded call?

    If you would like to hear the most recent recorded calls made to your phone, dial 1-877-737-5291 (1-877-REPLAY1) from the primary phone on which you receive calls from the district. You will hear a list of the most recent recorded messages sent to your phone. Select the message that you would like to hear.


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  • sfz

    We are a Fragrance Free School! 

    Silver Lake Elementary has a duty to accommodate employees and students who may be adversely affected or suffer a severe medical reaction when exposed to a fragrance or scented product. As the principal, it is my responsibility to ensure that all reasonable steps are taken to make the working environment safe for those with chemical sensitivities in the same manner that any other health issue or safety hazard is addressed.

    In the interest of maintaining a safe and healthy working environment for employees, students, and their families, WE ARE A FRAGRANCE FREE SCHOOL!

    Background? What is the issue?


    Fragrances and scents are found in a wide range of products including perfume, aftershave, deodorant, soap air fresheners, fabric softeners, laundry detergents, facial tissues, and candles. Exposure to fragrances and other scented products may trigger adverse health reactions (e.g., asthma attack, anaphylactic reaction and shortness of breath) in individuals with asthma, allergies, migraines, or chemical sensitivities. Other less serious but equally debilitating symptoms include headache, sore throat, runny nose, sinus congestion, wheezing, dizziness, anxiety, anger, nausea, fatigue, mental confusion and an inability to concentrate. Although the mechanisms by which chemicals act to produce symptoms are not yet understood, the impact on all those affected can be quite severe, resulting in great discomfort.

    It is important to recognize that the chemicals from which fragrances are created are, by their very nature, shared. The chemicals vaporize into the air and are easily inhaled by those around us. Today's fragrances/scented products are made up of a complex mixture of chemicals which also contribute to indoor air quality problems and cause health problems.

    Therefore, in order to protect those individual(s) with sensitivities to fragrances and scents and to possibly prevent others from developing such sensitivities, I require your full cooperation towards a fragrance/scent-safe environment at Silver Lake Elementary.

    Thank you in advance for your cooperation in keeping Silver Lake Elementary School a safe place for everyone. 

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ECEAP Hours 

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Silver Lake Elementary School, in partnership with parents and community, is dedicated to preparing each student for academic, social, and personal success through personalized, relevant, rigorous and engaging instruction.