Daily Announcements

·       Lunch menu today is Gobbler Gravy & Mashed Potatoes & Roll or Rib-B-Q!


·       ·ASB is sponsoring “The Act of Kindness” program at Heatherwood. Pick up a slip of paper from your teacher, write an act of kindness and return it to the main office box.  It will be put in a chain in the main hallway.


·       Wrestling practices for all 8th graders/incoming freshmen at Jackson will begin Monday, and run for the rest of the school year every Monday and Wednesday from 4-6 PM.  We will meet in the weight room.

·       Heatherwood is having a pet food drive for dogs and cats this week. The food will go to  Seattle Humane Society. The donations go to pet owners who cannot afford to feed their pets. Donation items include dry dog and cat food, as well as canned food. The drive is led by Emma, Vy and Piper, and associated with the ASB. Please bring your donations to the boxes in the main hallway to support this great cause.

·         UW Field Trip for 8th graders:  Students should plan to bring limited items (lunch, water bottle, cellphone and sunscreen if necessary) that can easily be carried through campus. 

·         Field Day Fun:  Just a reminder that Field Day marks the celebration of a successful year. Participation in Field will be contingent upon students being academically successful in all classes as well as students meeting ALL behavioral expectations.  Finish the year strong! Ask your teacher(s) for a referral to Success Time for additional support! 

·         ASB Fundraiser Bowling Celebration: Students who are attending the bowling field trip please report to the upper lot at 1:04 tomorrow (after 8th grade lunch and grade 6-7’s period 5).  Please do not bring backpacks, as the bus will return by 3:30pm, with an extra activity bus on hand for transport. 


·         After School Clubs: All afterschool student clubs will have their final meetings today.  Student Success Time (REQUIRED/ASSIGNED ONLY) will continue in the library on Tuesdays and Thursdays after school through June 8 with the activity bus available through this date.  SUCCESS TIME FROM MAY 30th through JUNE 8th is only for those students who are REQUIRED BY TEACHERS to attend.    Note: Students who are not involved in a school sponsored activity afterschool may not ride the activity bus.