New Student Enrollment

  • Welcome to Everett Public Schools. We are using Online Enrollment to assist in enrolling new students. This system allows parents to enroll their students using any computer or mobile device, which takes approximately 30 minutes.

    If you need to find which school your child should attend, please select the Bus Routes icon on top of the page, click Find MSchool & Route   

    If you have multiple children, the system will give you the option to share some of the information from the first enrollment in order to save time The system saves packets in process, so you can exit and return to complete the process later.

  • Kindergarten Enrollment for September 2022 has begun. Click on the blue "Enroll Online" button under Fall 2022 Enrollment. All children entering kindergarten in 2022-23 must be 5 years old by August 31, 2022. The kindergarten enrollment process is complete once you have received confirmation from your child's school.

Have Documents Ready

  • Scanned or photographed copies of your documents can be uploaded. This can save you a trip to the school office.  If you do not have electronic copies of your documents, you can still register online; you will just need to bring your documentation in to the school to complete your enrollment submission. 

    Click icons below to see document types.

Online Enrollment

Families with Current Students

  • Home Access Center You can log in through Home Access Center to start New Student Enrollment, you can access the application forms using the Enroll New Student button at the top right of your screen.  

    Log into Home Access Center by clicking the Info Icon.   

    Note: If families of existing students use the links for new families, they will still be able to enroll their student, but will not be able to access the forms that were submitted using the new family process through Home Access Center in the future. 

    We highly recommend completing the online enrollment form. However, if you choose to use printed forms, please click on Printable Enrollment Forms in the navigation menu. Completed forms must be dropped off at your neighborhood school.