Welcome to Our School

Edwards I want to personally welcome you to a new school year.  I believe our school made great strides last year in making Emerson an inviting environment for kids and families, and there certainly is more to do.  As with everything we do, we are better for having you involved in what is happening here.
At Emerson, we are striving to make the school the center of the community.  We are a place where kids get a quality education from high-quality staff, and where they can feel a sense of belonging.  For families, we want to be the place where you can come participate in educating kids, our most important work, as well as making our school the best part of a student's day.  We also want to offer services and programs tailored to fit the needs of your family.  Whether you are looking for after-school programs for your kids, community involvement, or a place to meet, we want you and your family to feel welcomed at our school.
I invite you to come see what is happening at the school.  Volunteer, come eat lunch with your kids, and support our programs that are helping kids.  We truly are better together.
It is a great day to be a Falcon!
-Paul Edwards , Principal