Volunteer Job Postings

  • Thank you for taking an interest in volunteering at Emerson Elementary School. Having volunteers in the classroom is one of the most effective ways for showing the students at Emerson their community, family and friends support their learning.


    Please view the positions below that are available. If interested, please follow the link at the bottom of the page to complete the form. We look forward to seeing the impact that you will make on the Emerson Community!  If you have questions, please email Deanna Kazen at dkazen@everettsd.org, or call the school at 425-385-6295.


    Position: Falcon Word Extraordinaire

    Description: Emerson Teachers are looking for parents and volunteers to practice falcon words and vocabulary words with students! This is a great opportunity to work one on one with students who will thrive with the extra attention! If interested in this position, we request that you be available on a consistent basis for a minimum of 45 minutes. Most teachers request that the Falcon Word and Vocabulary Helpers come in once a week. This offers the opportunity for each student to receive one on one time! Please follow the link below to complete the volunteer interest form! 


    Position: Watch D.O.G.S. Volunteer

    Description: Watch D.O.G.S. are one of our most popular volunteer programs. The Watch D.O.G.S. program is available to all male role models in our student’s lives. This can include Fathers, Grandfathers, Uncles, a family friend, older male siblings. The Watch DOGS program was designed to increase the presence of strong male role models in the school environment.

    We ask that Watch D.O.G.S. volunteer a minimum of one full school day, however, other schedules are available by request. As a Watch D.O.G.S., you will start the day greeting the students of Emerson and helping the littlest students find their lines. From here, your day will transition into a mix of classroom help and recess help. Our goal is to have our Watch D.O.G.S. in their student’s classroom for at least 1 hour during their day with us, some teachers have more for you to do and will have you in the classroom longer.

    Emerson Watch D.O.G.S. also help with school events like Dad’s and Donuts, Family Nights and represent the program during events like Open House and Family Resource Fairs. There are many opportunities for our Watch D.O.G.S. to be a good role model. If you are interested in joining the Watch D.O.G.S. program, please complete the volunteer application and follow the link below for Volunteer Sign-ups!


    Position: Lunchroom Buddy

    Description: Emerson students are always looking for the opportunity to interact with adults. Helping in the lunchroom is a great way to connect with students. Duties of this job include helping students to open food and beverages, make sure that kids are focused and staying on task, and helping to transition from one lunch to the next.

    If assisting in the lunchroom interests you, please complete the form below and follow the link to the Volunteer Application.


    Position: Recess Friend

    Description: Are you looking for an opportunity to play games at Recess? Is four-square a past time of yours? Join our Falcons as they play throughout the day. There is always recess happening at Emerson, morning, lunch and afternoon. The recess schedule is available to accommodate almost any volunteering schedule and offers many different opportunities to interact with the students.

    Are you passionate about a specific activity? Do you want to lead a hopscotch competition at Recess? Then this is the perfect opportunity for you to join the Falcon Volunteering Family. If you have any questions or ideas about volunteering as a Recess Friend at Emerson, please complete the form below and contact Deanna Kazen using the information below.


    Position: Art Docent

    Description: Emerson student love to be artistic! Art is a wonderful form of expression and creates community in the building. Our art teacher Mrs. Miri is only here part time, and would love to join forces with some parents who will help the grades that do not get an art specialist during the school year. You would be in charge of meeting with Mrs. Miri and getting the lesson, preparing the materials and helping the teacher execute the art plan in the classroom. This is a new opportunity for a volunteer, and is a program that we will be developing as we go! Are you in for the long haul?


    Position: Classroom Volunteer

    Description: Another opportunity at Emerson is to volunteer in the classroom. This is not limited to your student’s classroom. Our teachers always want volunteers in the classroom. Some of the activities that you can do is help with are Math, Reading, Spelling and Science. Teachers have a basket in their room that is filled with activities for volunteers to do with their class. Whether you are volunteering in your student’s class, or one of our kindergarten classes. Your help in the classroom is always welcome and appreciated.

    There is not a time requirement, and this position is always available for parents and loved ones to help at Emerson. We look forward to seeing you in our classrooms soon!


    Position: School Event Volunteer

    Description: At Emerson, we understand that sometimes your schedule does not allow you to volunteer during the school day. We have school events periodically that require volunteer help. This is an opportunity for you to join forces with Emerson Staff, to create an event that the kids will continue to talk about for the rest of the year.

    This job may entail many different things, including running games, booths and running the sign-in booth for families.


    Position: Parent ESL Class Volunteer

    Description: One of the newer programs that Emerson is hosting is English Learning Classes for parents. This provides an opportunity for our families to learn English, build community and relationships. There are many ways that we could use your help. The classes can be large, and the activities are fun, but sometimes difficult to do with only one teacher. Our program could use more adults who help during class with activities and community building.

    There is also the opportunity to help entertain the kids who come in while their parents are in class. The daycare during classes can have as many as 35 kids at one time, and there is always a need for parents who are looking to interact, lead games, and help monitor the kids in the gym.

    Whether you are helping in the parent class or hanging out with the kids in the gym, you are an amazing part of the work that we do at Emerson. If this opportunity interests you, please complete the form below and contact Deanna Kazen.


    Position: Specialists' Parent Volunteer

    Description: This position is tied to the other specialists that your student may encounter during the week. The library, tech, and music teachers are always looking for new volunteers who can come in and help in the classroom. Depending on the activity, your job could be hands-on work with the kids or background work preparing and organizing. This position offers a lot of flexibility for time and commitment, as well as the diverse options available for parent volunteers.


    If you are interested in on of these positions, please complete the form below. Please make sure to include contact information in the first box. I will do my best to contact you within 48 hours! Thank you!


    The volunteer job interest form is located here.