Attendance Reporting


JHS ATTENDANCE POLICY can be found in the JHS Student Handbook

To excuse your student’s absences(s), a hand written note, signed by the Parent/Legal Guardian needs to be turned into the attendance office within two school days of the student's return. Parent /Guardians now have the option to email an attendance note to JHSAttendance@Everettsd.org. The following information needs to be listed for the absence to be excused:

·         Student Name

·         Student ID

·         Date(s) of Absence

·         Periods (s) of Absence

·         Reason for Absence

·         Phone number where note can be verified

·         Parent/Guardian Name and Signature


To view student's attendance, please visit the Learning Management System (LMS).

Please Note the Pre-Arranged Absence policy and form have changed

The following must be Pre-Arranged for a student to be authorized to leave campus:

·         Post-secondary, technical school, or apprenticeship program visit

·         Family trips/Vacations

·         Routine health care appointments

·         School-initiated activities


Early Release:
A signed parent or legal guardian note with the reason and time the student needs to leave campus early must be submitted to the attendance office in the morning. The student will receive an early release slip to show their teacher. Students must sign out in the main attendance office before leaving campus. If returning, the student must sign back in at the attendance office.